The podcast`s guests and Desmond`s comments have put him in conflict with some public health experts and his colleague Nathan Fletcher, who argued that Desmond has spread false information that undermines the county`s coronavirus response. Studies have shown that “abusive surveillance is a subjective assessment by subordinates of their superiors` behaviour towards them over a period of time. [13] Abusive surveillance involves, for example, a “boss who lowers, denigrates or infiltrates the privacy of the subordinate. [14] When you deal with the threat, you save the community, you consolidate your leadership and you undermine your criticism. What do you do when you feel like you`re being undermined at work? Once in the Bastia, he saw a great opportunity to work on the ruin of the monarchy that he had tried to undermine for so many years. This protectionism hinders the spread of literacy, deprives the masses of the knowledge they sorely need, discriminates 20s and ultimately undermines democracy – Hart believes. Promising models, including Newark`s, are often the target of lawsuits and harassment by police unions, who say such bodies undermine internal police disciplinary procedures. Woolf at drinks nights as a drug dealer to blacken his name and undermine any small campaigns he might want to launch. It is true that Harry is often at odds with some of his teachers, but these special teachers are not really admirable characters: they themselves are often at odds with the wise, benevolent and powerful principal of the school, Albus Dumbledore, whom they sometimes try to undermine or overcome.

A common definition of “undermining” is “eroding the base or foundations” or “weakening or damaging (someone or something), especially gradually or insidiously.” So undermine the position, purpose, or success of something or someone – where “minority behaviors” in the workplace are the actions of another, which are either intended to derail you and your intentions, or to promote the other person`s agenda at the expense of your own. It often occurs in a sneaky, mysterious or manipulative way, in order to prevent you from achieving your goals.