615-322-2281 (Telephone) 615-343-8657 (Fax) research.contracts@vumc.org A Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) may also be referred to as a confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement or confidentiality agreement. This type of agreement is intended to ensure the protection of the confidential information of a part (or part) of the agreement. The CDA can be “one-use” if, for example. B a sponsor provides information to an IP so that it can determine if it wishes to participate in the sponsor`s study. The CDA may be a two-way agreement if PI and the sponsor disclose the two confidential information during their discussions between them. Both types of CDAs are available in forms and tools. If the CDA provided by the sponsor does not require an institutional signature, no CMO verification is required. If an institutional signature is required or vuMC is a party to the agreement, OCM must verify the CDA prior to signing. (c) is received in good faith by a third party by the taker and is not subject to a confidentiality obligation due to the third party; 2.5 Vanderbilt has the right to amend, amend or revise this Agreement at any time, by written notification to the licensee. These changes, changes or revisions are included in the redcap (redcaplicense@list.vanderbilt.edu) list of administrative emails.

To subscribe to the administrative mailing list, the licensee must send an email with the text “subscribe redcaplicense” in the message to LISTSERV@list.vanderbilt.edu. Within 30 calendar days of the date on which such a written notification is sent to redcaplicense@list.vanderbilt.edu, the licensee has the right to terminate the contract and thereby refuse the terms of that amendment or revision. If the licensee terminates this contract, he will immediately stop using the Software, remove all copies of the Software from the licensee`s computers and servers (including the computers of a third-party hosting company) and vanderbilt will return all copies of the software in possession or control of the licensee and certify in writing to Vanderbilt that it has fully met these requirements. If, within 30 days, the underwriter does not provide a notification of termination (including by reply), these changes, amendments and amendments will remain mandatory and enforceable for the policyholder, without any of the parties having to take further action or make other changes. 1.4 “Certified User” refers to licensee staff who are expressly authorized in writing by the licensee to use the Software in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 3.2 Vanderbilt coordinates all publications related to the software itself, including those that describe its methods, features and/or research support capabilities in electronic data collection. Vanderbilt therefore has the right to verify, edit and approve publications created by members of the consortium who discuss the software and its methods, functions and/or functions.