He rejoiced In Divine Providence to get rid of the hearts of Prince George on the third, the quietest and most powerful, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, archcaunier and elector of the Holy Roman Empire, etc., and the United States of America to forget all the misunderstandings and past differences that have inadvertently interrupted the good correspondents and friendship , that they wish each other, to restore and create such beneficial and satisfying sexual relations between the two countries, on the basis of mutual benefits and mutual convenience, which can both promote and ensure eternal peace and harmony; And after the elements of peace and reconciliation had already been established in Paris on 30 November 1782 by the authorized commissioners, the articles that had been adopted were incorporated and concluded in the peace treaty to be concluded between the crown of the United Kingdom and the United States above. but which treaty should only be concluded when the terms of peace between Great Britain and France have been agreed upon, and its British majesty should be prepared to conclude such a treaty accordingly; and the treaty between Britain and France, which was concluded in the meantime, His British Majesty and the United States of America, in order to fully implement the aforementioned provisional articles, according to dertenor, formed and appointed, namely his British majesty, David Hartley, Esqr., Member of the British Parliament, and the United States mentioned in turn, John Adams , Esqr., later a commissioner of the United States of America at the Court of Versailles , late delegates to the Massachusetts State Congress, and the aforementioned Supreme Justice of the State, and Plenipotentiary Minister of the United States to their high-powered General of the United States of the Netherlands; Benjamin Franklin, Esqr., late delegate to the Pennsylvania State Congress, president of the aforementioned State Convention, and plenipotentiary minister of the United States of America at the Court of Versailles; John Jay, Esqr., late President of congress and Chief Justice of the State of New York, and Plenipotentiary Minister of the United States mentioned in the Madrid court; Be authorized for the conclusion and signing of this final contract; who, after reciprocal notification, have agreed and confirmed their respective full powers in the following articles. Britain has breached its contractual obligation to give up control of the forts on U.S. territory “at comfortable speed.” British troops remained stationed in six forts in the Great Lakes region, plus two at the northern end of Lake Champlain. In 1794, during the War of Northwestern India, the British built a new fort in present-day Ohio. They found justification for these actions in the volatile and extremely tense situation in the post-war region, by the inability of the United States government to meet the commitments made to compensate loyalists for their losses and the British need for time to liquidate various assets in the region. [21] All posts were peacefully abandoned by the Treaty of Jay of 1794. They were: The actual geography of North America turned out not to match the people im-discovered. The treaty established a southern border for the United States, but the separate Anglo-Spanish agreement did not provide for a northern border for Florida, and the Spanish government assumed that the border was the same as in the 1763 agreement, by which they had first ceded their territory in Florida to Britain.