BrainCARE Hours

8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Appointments may be scheduled outside these hours and on weekends as necessary.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at (240) 398-3481, email APPOINTMENTS@POTOMACBRAINCARE.COM, or fill out our contact form.

Preparing for your first appointment

Thank you for choosing BrainCARE for your integrative brain health care. When you make an initial appointment, BrainCARE will send you an email giving you access to the BrainCARE Patient Portal at Power2Patient (“P2P”) is a secure, private channel for healthcare consultation communications with your physician, personal medical information storage, on-line healthcare information, patient education, and related products, services and content. Please take time to read the terms of use at: You will receive a username (your email address) and a temporary password that is required to be changed to your own unique password when you sign in the first time.

It is extremely important you complete your P2P Health Record as thoroughly as possible. Your intake questionnaire includes why you want to be seen at BrainCARE and your goals – how you will know you are better, your current symptoms and issues, your past medical and surgical history, and what medications and supplements you are taking. The P2P Health Record will form the foundation for your care at BrainCARE. These must be completed in order to do a comprehensive evaluation. If you fail to complete the P2P Health Record, your first appointment may be spent completing your P2P Health Record while at BrainCARE and requiring an additional appointment to review your Health Record. 

Appointment Times and Length

Dr. Lewis and the staff at BrainCARE believe in integrative medicine that looks at the patient holistically, and may assess a patient in different ways in addition to traditional medical examinations and lab tests. These assessments are useful in telling us how the brain is functioning, and in finding the root cause of your health issues. We offer more treatment options and therapies for healing at the root cause of a head injury, not just treating the symptoms. As such, appointments are almost always longer than typical medical office visits. We take the time to listen and we think you’ll notice the difference.

Initial appointments: plan for 1.5 to 2 hours in length.

Follow up appointments: plan for one hour in length.