Brains and brain injuries are like snowflakes. Every person and every brain injury is different.


Brain Injuries can occur from a number of causes:

Trauma (TBI) Chemotherapy Lack of oxygen
Concussions Heart attacks Chronic stress
Stroke Near drowning Environmental toxins

Tremendous advances have been made in the acute care of brain injury. Unfortunately, the long-term management of concussions and rehabilitation of brain injuries hasn’t changed much!

Are you experiencing any or all of the following symptoms of a brain injury?

Headaches Anxiety Brain fog
Dizziness Depression Memory problems
Vision problems Ringing in the ears Difficulty concentrating
Reading problems Sensitivity to noise Irritable or emotional
Sensitivity to light Trouble sleeping Tired all the time

Conventional medicine may offer some relief of these symptoms. No current therapies address the damage to the brain that can continue for days, weeks, even years following injury.

At BrainCARE, we offer comprehensive, progressive approaches to help restore brain health after an injury, not just cover up the symptoms. Contact BrainCARE for a free 15-minute telephone consultation to learn how we can help.

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