Brain Injuries can occur from a number of causes – trauma, stroke, or lack of oxygen from a heart attack, for examples. While the causal mechanisms of brain injury, referred to as the primary injury, can vary, the secondary phase, which occurs after injury regardless of the cause, produces effects that continue to damage and kill brain cells over a period of hours, days, weeks, months, even years following the initial injury.

Over the past decade, in large part due to ingenuity and necessity of military surgeons, tremendous advances have been made in acute and surgical management of severe brain injury. Unfortunately, the long-term management of concussions and rehabilitation of brain injuries hasn’t changed much!

Every medical textbook, website, and healthcare provider is going to tell you the same thing (

  • Get plenty of rest;
  • Avoid sports and physical and mental activities;
  • See your healthcare provider who may prescribe medicine if you have symptoms such as a headache, difficulty sleeping, or depression.

THIS ADVICE IS IMPORTANT!  However, no current therapies address the secondary phase that continues to damage the brain for days, weeks, even years following injury. There are no therapies that help the brain to heal.

Brains and injuries are like snowflakes. Every person and every injury is different. That’s why at BrainCARE, in addition to standard-of-care concussion management, we offer comprehensive, progressive, proven approaches to help restore brain health after an injury. THERE IS MORE YOU CAN DO and we can help you.

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